Selecting a bra that is perfectly adapted to your body shape is not an easy task.

Follow our golden rules when trying on your bra and become an expert in the subject. You’ll never make a bad choice again.

Rule #1

Place each of your breasts inside of the bra cups using your opposite hand, slightly pushing them towards the center. They should not spill over the sides. Lean forward to find the ideal position of your breasts in the bra and obtain more glamorous cleavage.

Rule #2

The top of the cups must not flatten or compress your breasts. The bra should follow the curve of your breasts.




Rule #3

The lower part of your bra, i.e. the underwire and/or its center gore (piece that holds the cups together), must remain flat against your bust without feeling too tight.



Rule #4

The underwire must completely envelop the curves underneath your breasts. Their ends must not float or cut into your skin, which may cause discomfort.




Rule #5

The straps must be perfectly adjusted and straight. They must not be stretched, as this may cause them to slip. They must not be too tight either, as they might cut into your shoulders.




Rule #6

The back of the bra is a very important part for proper bust support. It must be positioned straight across, i.e. parallel to the ground and well beneath your shoulder blades.




Rule #7

The back hooks must be attached in the middle, so as to adjust to variations in size and/or the stretching of the bra. When closed, the back must not feel too tight, as this may compress the bust and create unwanted folds of skin, or too loose, as this prevents the bra from offering enough support.

Rule #8

The bra must remain perfectly in place. Don’t hesitate to move around, lean forward and lift your arms to make sure that it won’t budge.





You have now found your perfect Aubade bra!


Aubade bras are perfect partners that stay with you from morning till night. With the wide choice of models and diverse shapes and cleavage effects, they adapt to your morphology and your every desire.

For rounded, curved cleavage under my favorite little sweater, I opt for:

The Half-Cup Bra lifts the breasts and provides a very seductive, rounded and voluptuous push-up effect. This iconic model is the hallmark of Aubade quality. With its vertical seams, it leaves the top of the décolleté bare, accentuated by an almost horizontal cut and straps on the sides of the cups. Discover all our models Half-Cup Bra

The Moulded Half-Cup Bra, which features molded cups to curve and lift the breasts. This flexible, comfortable model is invisible under light clothing and shapes a beautiful, rounded bust. Discover all our models Moulded Half-Cup Bra

The 3/4-Cup Bra, which reveals sexy cleavage, while ensuring excellent support and shaping a high bust thanks to its three-part cup construction with vertical and horizontal seams. Discover all our models 3/4-Cup Bra


The Push up Bra or Plunge bra, which boosts the curves and volume of the breasts with its cups, which are lined with thin foam and reinforced with removable pads. With its deep-cut design, it lifts, pushes together and centers the breasts for a very sexy cleavage effect. Discover all our models Push up Bra

The Moulded Push up Bra or Moulded Plunge Bra, which features padded cups and integrated cookies that uplift the breasts and push them together. The bust is curved and rounded. Cleavage is beautifully enhanced. Discover all our models Moulded Push up Bra


The Full Cup Bra, which perfectly envelops the breasts and offers excellent support with its three-part construction, complete with armhole reinforcement. This comfortable classic model with its interlocking shape is especially adapted to full busts. Discover all our models Full Cup Bra

The 3/4-Cup Bra, which reveals sexy cleavage, while ensuring excellent support and shaping a high bust thanks to its three-part cup construction with vertical and horizontal seams. Discover all our models 3/4-Cup Bra


The T-Shirt Bra, which features seamless molded cups to give the bust subtle curves. This invisible and very comfortable demi-cup bra also offers perfect support. Discover all our models T-Shirt Bra

The Triangle Bra, which is light and comfortable for natural, discreet and very fashionable cleavage, perfect for small busts. Depending on the model, the triangle cups may have underwire or not, but are generally reinforced with small stays on the sides for improved bust support. Discover all our models Quarter Cup Bra

The Quarter Cup Bra, which is a very sexy demi-cup bra that emphasizes and particularly reveals the breasts right under their tips. The demi-cups, padded with thin foam, curve and discreetly lift the breasts for a natural, almost invisible effect. Discover all our models Quarter Cup Bra


The Bandeau Bra, which leaves the shoulders beautifully bare with its horizontal cut. With or without underwire, its silicone bands promise infallible hold in all circumstances. Discover all our models Bandeau Bra.

The Moulded Bandeau bra with a full-cup shape, which lifts, curves and beautifies the bust. Its molded cups offer good support. This model comes with a silicone band that keeps it firmly in place and offers many ways of wearing the straps (parallel, crossed, asymmetric or strapless). Discover all our models Moulded Bandeau bra

The Moulded Basque with removable and interchangeable straps, this ultra-glamorous piece with garters cinches the bust with its stays for a slimmer waist and a sculpted silhouette. Its cups, lined with thick foam, uplift and shape the bust, while offering good support. Discover all our models Basque


The Flexi-Band, which transforms the strap position of any bra. This soft, light and adjustable band can be attached to the front or back of straps for bare shoulders or a bare back (for large armholes and racerback tank tops). Discover all our accessories.


It can often be a real challenge to find the ideal swimsuit that enhances your body. But you can count on Aubade to guide you in this quest for the perfect model. Discover your body shape and find the swimsuit designs that are perfectly suited to your figure.

Your angled shoulders and narrow hips are the same width. Your waist is very slightly defined. With this rectangular figure, the goal is to accentuate shapes and curves. Round out and enhance your rather small bust with a Push up model. Its plunging neckline will add a sexy touch to your bust. For the bottom, opt for a rather high-rise, high-cut bottom, such as a Brazilian brief, full of feminine details such as drapes and jewelry that will emphasize your waist. Another sublime option for your figure is a one-piece that combines a deep neckline and a sculpted and therefore slimmer waist.


Your bust and hips are the same width. You are slender and have a slim waist. You have an ideal “hourglass” figure. You can wear sexy, high-cut models that show off your dream body. Anything goes! Triangle, Bandeau and Push up models: every Aubade bra shape will enhance your cleavage. You can showcase your flat stomach by choosing low-rise bottoms, such as the Mini Cœur brief or Boxer.


Your shoulders, stomach and hips are the same width and rounded. You have a full bust. A voluptuous and all-around full figure. The goal is to enhance your cleavage and minimize your stomach and hips. Long live the One-Piece Swimsuit, which is indisputably the perfect cut for you! Preferably in a dark color, its chic and glamourous reshaping and high-cut design will make you look like a pin-up by accentuating your waist while lifting your bust. A more fitted ¾-cup bra is also fully recommended, accompanied by high-cut high-rise bottoms, which will lengthen your figure while hiding your stomach. Out of the water, a sarong Skirt or Tunic will give your figure a lovely touch of elegance.


Your bust and hips are rounded and about the same width. Your waist is well-defined. With this divinely harmonious figure, you can wear almost anything. Lucky you! Enhance your rather full cleavage by choosing ¾-cup or Bandeau models with underwire that will lift your bust. For the bottom, opt for high-cut models such as the Mini Cœur brief or Brazilian brief, which lengthen legs, accentuate your slim waist and keep your hips looking slim.


Your hips are larger than your shoulders and bust. Your waist is slim and your breasts are rather small. This figure is very feminine. The goal is to balance the upper body in relation to the bottom. The Moulded-Cup Bandeau bra will reshape your small breasts horizontally and enhance your bust. The Moulded-Cup Triangle will also have a lovely effect with its glamorous plunging neckline and straps tied behind the neck to beautifully accentuate your shoulders. For the bottom, you can slim your curves with low-rise, high-cut panties with fine edges, such as the Mini Cœur bief. Your best asset to conceal slightly rounded hips and emphasize your slim waist? The Skirt or Sarong, of course!


Your shoulders are wider than your hips and you have a full bust. You must bring out the femininity of this rather athletic figure. Minimize the width of your bust with a bra that tightens, reshapes and supports your breasts. The Push up shape with its straps in a parallel position is perfect and will give you tantalizing cleavage… Hips are enhanced with the sassy Boxers and other bottoms that tie on the sides. Your ideal swimsuit should have feminine details, such as effects of draping, jewelry or subtle prints.



To show off my advantages and bewitch my loved one, nothing works better than:

The Suspender Belt adds a very sensual touch to a lingerie set. This small belt with its garters, designed to hold up your stockings, is worn on the waist or upper hips. It is a very charming contemporary lingerie creation.

The Suspender Tanga, an extremely seductive two-in-one piece, offers a provocative retro look and highlights curves!.

The Waistcincher, an extremely seductive piece with its slightly high-rise integrated waistcincher and removable garters, offers a two-in-one effect that enhances curves and creates a provocative retro look! slims and defines the figure for a head-turning hourglass figure. A glamorous creation with garters for a 1950s pin-up look!

The lace Frou-Frou Brief, whose shape takes up that of the Hot Tanga, is decorated with a suggestive back opening and ties sensually at the bottom of the back.

An ultra-sexy and glamorous piece, the Basque has suspenders, and takes in the bust due to its underwiring for a slim waist and sculpted figure. Its foam-padded bra cups enhance and shape the bust while still providing good support.

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