Thanks to a historic collaboration with craftsmen, such as Calais lace-makers and Swiss embroiderers,

the materials represent the very essence of the brand and combine all of Aubade’s French elegance and refinement.

Lace / Leavers Lace: Leavers lace is an integral part of French heritage, a rare and precious heritage that the brand continues to showcase in each of its collections. Floral or stylized, this fine lace fabric envelops the body in a noble touch.

Embroidery: Aubade embroideries are exclusively developed for the brand by its suppliers. Embroidery on a cotton base, such as for Bahia, or on a tulle base, as featured on Fleurs de Pommier, in solid colors or three tones… It invites creativity!

Guipure: Guipure is an embroidery without a backing, sewn onto “dissolvable” paper. Soaked in a solvent or soap, the paper dissolves, leaving behind only the fine embroidery, called guipure. It is placed here and there on Aubade lingerie sets to enhance certain parts of the body: shoulders, the area between the breasts, etc.

Cotton: The cotton most often used at Aubade for the most innocent and romantic lines is a comfortable woven cotton. Its supple, delicate feel dresses the body beautifully.

Knit: Knit is often used on the back of Aubade bras and for the loungewear collections. Its elasticity enwraps the body and envelops it in softness.

Satin: Satin is a shiny adornment. There is silk satin, cotton satin… This is a weaving method that makes material shimmer!

Wool and silk: The wool and silk blend is a tubular and therefore seamless woven knit. This blend is used in loungewear pieces for its extreme comfort!

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