Aubade has been making innuendos, stimulating the senses and titillating the public since 1992… Unprecedented at the time of their launch, these extremely well-crafted black-and-white photos – designed like a faceless portrait gallery – invite onlookers to read between the lines with their elegant precepts. They instantly introduced a new way to see lingerie, its seduction and the pleasure that it offers women and their lucky men.

20 years after their launch, the “Lessons in Seduction” continue to leave an indelible mark on our minds. Based on the changing society that they reflect, they act as symbols of an era, anchored forevermore in the collective unconscious. The very image of women is overturned by these new codes: now women have control, giving and taking as they wish, while men are happy to partake in this sweet game of seduction.

160 / 175 LESSONS

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