There is life after Lessons…


After more than 25 years and 183 “Lessons in Seduction”, Aubade is now beginning a new chapter in its history and its communications.


Aubade is starting a new conversation that builds on its famous 25-year Lessons campaign…


For years, Aubade has been at women’s sides, encouraging them to be free. Now, Aubade is continuing in the spirit of the unforgettable Lessons in Seduction that inspired a whole generation of women in France, whilst adapting to the new, instant communication methods offered by new technologies, with a new direction that speaks to all women.


In these times of flirty GIFS, videos and texts, seduction is more of a game than ever. Women can be actresses, having fun with sensual suggestions and arousing desire and longing at will. Freer than ever.

Say it with Aubade and with your body! Parlez-vous Aubade ?

«Parlez-vous Aubade ?»: it sounds like the start of a conversation. A conversation in which every woman can use her own language to express her femininity. This new 360° communication tool will enable Aubade to expand its presence and get a little closer still to every woman, by joining her in her playground.


With new visual angles, provocative and always stylish, the new campaign photos will provide today’s women with an endless source of inspiration.

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